John Deere F935 Mower, Front Mount Deck Category

Original Model: Yanmar (John Deere) 3TNE72

This engine was made to John Deere specs, and not all Yanmar engines will match up to this one. I believe our Yanmar that we have listed here will fit this machine as long as you change the flywheel, bell housing, and starter from your original engine. Some parts will need to be swapped from the old engine to new including the front drive pulley, cooling fan, fuel pump, thermostat housing, Exhaust manifold, and throttle bracket. You will need to add a 12" wire extension and use your old starter bracket. Notch the starter bracket to fit at bearing bolts. Cut the cooling fan shield at the bottom( fan sits a little lower with the new water pump).

Additional Info
The frames between the newer and older models are slightly different. The newer model has a stub shaft on the flywheel side to drive the mower deck. The older model drives off of the opposite end.

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While we may have sold many engines listed above to be used for a John Deere F935 Mower, Front Mount Deck Category, we are NOT claiming these are exact replacements unless the product notes explicitly say so. Many original equipment engines may no longer be in production because of obsolescence or EPA regulations, so in some cases there may not be an exact replacement available. Our intention here is to show that other customers have utilized these in the equipment shown, but may have had to make some modifications to do so. If we know of any required changes, we will list those, however, some adapting during installation should be expected.