Terms & Conditions

Unless specifically stated on a given item, all items are sold without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Length of Warranty for an item is listed on the item in good faith. Mistakes can happen, please see warranty document and owner’s manual of item to confirm.

Types of Warranties

Manufacturer's Warranty

Most new items carry a manufacturer's warranty which can be repaired by any Authorized Dealer for that brand. A manufacturer's warranty is not a money-back guarantee. Standard warranty coverage is to repair or replace, free of charge, any parts that are defective in material or workmanship. Contact any local Authorized Dealer for warranty service, since no transportation charges are included in the coverage. To locate a local Authorized Dealer please refer to the manufacturer’s information below. Warranty registration is not necessary to obtain warranty coverage. The sales receipt indicates the purchase date which starts the warranty period.

Briggs & Stratton

Only an Authorized Briggs & Stratton dealer can perform warranty repairs. Use the Parts & Repair Dealer Locator to locate a dealer nearest you. To determine the warranty and length of coverage associated with your Briggs & Stratton engine, please refer to the Owner's Manual provided with the engine during sale as some engines may be covered by a warranty policy different than what is listed. For product specific warranties, please refer to the Owner's Manual.


With Honda’s industry-leading 3 year warranty* on GX engines, the engines you’ve always depended on are backed by our strongest warranty ever.

To Obtain Warranty Service: You must take your Honda general purpose engine, or the equipment in which it is installed, together with proof of original retail purchase date, at your expense, to a Honda engine dealer authorized to sell that product in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, during their normal business hours. To locate a dealer near you, visit our web site at http://engines.honda.com and click on FIND A DEALER.

If you are unable to obtain warranty service, or are dissatisfied with the warranty service you receive, take the following steps: First, contact the owner of the dealership involved; normally this should resolve the problem. However, if you should require further assistance, write or call the Power Equipment Customer Relations Department of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Power Equipment Customer Relations Department
4900 Marconi Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005-8847


The following obligations must be fulfilled by owner to maintain the validity of the Kawasaki limited warranty:

  1. Owner must deliver the four-cycle engine to an authorized Kawasaki engine dealer or equally qualified service facility for inspection, maintenance services and adjustments according to the Periodic Maintenance Chart contained in the owner’s manual. The inspection, maintenance services and adjustments are to be performed at owner’s expense.
  2. Owner must present proof of initial retail purchase date to an authorized Kawasaki engine dealer at the time warranty repairs are performed on the four-cycle engine.

Kawasaki Dealer Locator


To obtain warranty service: Original retail consumer must bring the engine to an authorized Kohler dealer found by visiting www.kohlerengines.com or telephone 1-800-544-2444 (U.S.A. and Canada).

Our Warranty

The Seller is providing a warranty on these items. Many times the Seller is able to purchase items from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) at discount pricing. These items are likely not covered under a warranty from the OEM, which likely leads to savings in cost of the item. These items are the same in which the OEM would build equipment with, meaning quality of the item is not reduced.

Items with Our Warranty must be returned to the Seller for warranty consideration. The Seller will not cover any charges relating to anyone else inspecting or working on the engine. As with most warranties, shipping charges are not covered. Upon receipt of the item, the Seller will inspect the item for warranty consideration and honor failures due to manufacturer defect. Any work not covered by warranty will be the customer’s expense. Return shipping to customer will be covered by the Seller if warranty work was necessary. If the issue is not covered by the warranty, return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

FAQ Regarding Warranties

What does the manufacturer's warranty cover?

Warranty policies vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have specific questions, you may want to reference the warranty policy or contact the manufacturer directly. Warranties are not guarantees. A guarantee covers something for any reason. A warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for a specified period of time. There are many common issues with engine usage that are not covered under any warranties. Examples of these issues include, but are not limited to, bad/stale gas, dirt in fuel, low or no oil (lack of lubrication), broken shaft, or broken starter rope.

How do I handle warranty issues?

If you have a problem that you believe is covered under your product’s Manufacturer Warranty, take the item to a local AUTHORIZED dealer for that item/brand along with your receipt showing the date of purchase. The local authorized dealer will perform a warranty inspection and submit their findings for claim approval and service. If there is a warranty claim approved by the Manufacturer, the parts and labor to repair those defects will be covered under the warranty. The customer is responsible for covering the dealer’s time involved with inspecting items that are not covered under the warranty claim. This is why many dealers have an “up-front” fee for warranty inspection.

I bought the item from you, why are you not performing the warranty service?

We are an Authorized Dealer for almost all of the items that we sell. We can and do perform warranty inspection and claim services for these brands. However, the Manufacturer’s Warranty policy will not cover any transportation costs associated with a warranty. The customer is responsible for submitting their item for warranty inspection. Since the vast majority of our products are shipped, there would be shipping back to us. Most times there are Authorized Dealers local to customers who can provide the same warranty services. This saves the shipping costs that the customer would have to pay for to send the engine back to us.