280-242 Flat Idler John Deere GY22082
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Item Specifications

Item Specifications

  • Shipping Rate Weight: 1.29

Additional Specifications
  • A:5 1/8" B:4 1/4" C:11/16" D:1" F:1/4" H:1/4" Heavy DutyTRUE Height1 3/4" ID11/16" Made ByAn OEM Supplier MaterialMetal OD5 1/8" V:1 3/4"

Fits These Models
  • Cub Cadet12ACW62R709, 12ACW62R710, 12ACW62R756, 13AVA1CS256, 13W8A1CS010, 13A9A1CN009, 13A9A1CN010, 13W9A1CN010, 13A8A1CS010, 13AVA1CS009, 13AVA1CS010, 13A9A1CS056, 13A9A1CS256, 13W9A1CS010, 13APA1CT009, 13APA1CT010, 13APA1CT210, 13B9A1CS010, 13AQA1CQ009, 13AQA1CQ010, 13AQA1CQ210, 13AQA1CQ256, 13WQA1CQ210, 13BPA1CS010, 13APA1CS210, 13AVA1CS056, 13WVA1CS009, 13WVA1CS010, 13WVA1CS210, 13AFA1CN010, 13AZA1CS010, 13WQA4CN010, 13WQA4CN210, 14AQA3CQ010, 14AQA3CQ056, 14WQA3CQ010, 14AQA5CA009, 14AQA5CA010, 14WQA5CA009, 14WQA5CA010, 13AQA2CA009, 13AQA2CA010, 13AQA2CA056, 13WQA2CA009, 13WQA2CA010, 13WPA1CT009, 13WPA1CT010, 13APA1CT056, 13APA1CT256, 13WPA1CT210, 14A7A6CA010, 14B7A3CA010, 14AQA6CA210, 17WRCBDQ010, 17ARCBDN010, 17ARCBDN056, 17WRCBDN010, 17ARCBDQ010, 13AQA1CT010, 13AQA1CT210, 13YQA1CT010, 13AQA4CN010, 131QA1CQ010, 137QA1CQ010, 13AQA4CA010, 13WQA4CA010, 17AGCACN056, 17BGCACN010, 17BRCACN010, 17BRCACN056, 17BRCACQ056, 17CRCACA009, 17CRCACA010, 17CRCACA209, 17AICAXN010, 17AICAXN210, 17AICAXZ010, 17AICAXA010, 17AICAXA210, 17AQNAEU010, 17AQNAEU056, 17ARCBDQ056, 17ARCBDA010, 17ARCBDA056 and 17AICBDA010 lawn tractors Huskee13WN77SS031 lawn tractor John Deere100 Series MTD13AL795S004, 13AX795S004, 17ARCBDT897, 13A8A1KS897, 17ARCBDW897, 13APA1KT897, 12ABW32G897, 13APA1KS897, 13AQA1KQ897, 14A7A3KA897, 13A879KS897, 17BRCACQ897, 17AQNAEU897, 17BRCACW897, 13AQA2KW897, 13AXA1KS897, 14A7A3KW897, 13A878KT897, 13A277KS897, 17ARCBDQ099, 12ABW35T799, 131PA1ZS099, 132PA1ZS099, 131QA1ZT099, 13AQA1ZT099, 13AQA1ZT299, 132QA1ZT099, 13BQA1ZT099, 13BQA1ZT299, 13APA1ZS099, 13A7A1ZW099, 13B7A1ZW099, 1417A3ZW099, 14A7A3ZW099, 1427A3ZW099, 14A7A5ZQ099, 14B7A3ZW099, 13A278XS299, 13A878XS099, 13A277XS299 and 17BRCACT099 lawn tractors Troy-Bilt13WV78KS011 and 13WM77KS011 lawn tractors Yard Machines13A2775S000, 13AM775S000 and 13B2775S000 lawn tractors Yardman13AN785T055 and 13AN772S055 lawn tractors

Replaces These Items
  • Cub Cadet756-05034, 756-05034A John DeereGY20110, GY20629, GY22082 MTD756-05034, 756-05034A