Kawasaki 10W30 4-Cycle KTech Oil, 1 Quart, 99969-6081
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Item Specifications

Item Specifications

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Additional Specifications
  • Sold as an individual 32 FL OZ (1 Quart) Bottle
  • Kawasaki 10W30 Four Cycle Oil
  • Designed to keep today's high-performance, low-emission engines clean and operating at peak efficiency
  • Protects against excessive viscosity decrease at high temperatures
  • Manufactured with the latest additive technologies to provide superior performance
  • Proven oil consumption control in heavy-duty service
  • Excellent shear stability assures stay-in-grade performance
  • KTech 4-cycle oil contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on engine parts
  • Performs best at temperatures from -10 Celsius and up