Allis Chalmers 720 Special Garden Tractor

CCK Series Onan

A replacement shortblock for the original engine would be over $3,000. Our conversion kits include a drive adapter on the flywheel to bolt your pulley onto. Check your muffler style before ordering any kit. We wire these up to match the factory original four prong connector. The plate to mount the electric clutch to will work whether you have a brake on it or not. These kits include a new throttle and choke cable. The kits also include a mounting plate that you bolt down to your existing holes to raise the engine up to the required height. A new oil drain and tube comes with this to make it easy to change your oil. You do have to cut part of the baffle under your hood for this to clear the air filter assembly, no other cutting is required.

Additional Info

The photo directly below is the double pulley that runs to the pulley on your flywheel side of the engine. The spacers that are on the back side of this bracket all need moved to the front side to allow the pulleys to clear the shrould.

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