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If your tractor had an OHV engine on it, you need to stick with an OHV engine. If your tractor had a non OHV engine on it, you need to stick with a non OHV engine. The mufflers are totally different between these two engines and it will cause you some problems to switch. Most of these tractors used a 28Q777 Briggs engine with an oil filter bracket that bolted onto the oil pan. If yours is this way, you will not be able to use another engine with an oil filter on it. At this time I would recommend that you install an engine that does not have an oil filter on it so you do not get into any problems with it fitting. If your tractor has an electric clutch on it you will need to buy and engine with a 9 amp or larger alternator to run it. If you tractor has a fuel pump on the engine, you will need to buy and engine with it already installed, or use the old one off of your engine and also the valve breather. If you purchase an AVS style Briggs engine, the fuel pump draws its vacuum from the dip stick tube. If the AVS style engine has no fuel pump, you would have to buy a new dipstick tube. You cannot change from one brand to another without major problems especially on the muffler. One of the Kohler models was a CV16S-43510.

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The newer engines use a filter that screws directly onto the oil pan and will be in the way of the frame as shown in this picture.

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While we may have sold many engines listed above to be used for a Simplicity Regent Mower, Lawn and Garden Tractor Category, we are NOT claiming these are exact replacements unless the product notes explicitly say so. Many original equipment engines may no longer be in production because of obsolescence or EPA regulations, so in some cases there may not be an exact replacement available. Our intention here is to show that other customers have utilized these in the equipment shown, but may have had to make some modifications to do so. If we know of any required changes, we will list those, however, some adapting during installation should be expected.