John Deere 445 Mower, Lawn and Garden Tractor Category

Original Model: Kawasaki FD620D or FD661D

Most of these tractors are fuel injected, you need to know if yours is before buying anything. This tractor does not use the front shaft. Our Kawasaki FD791D liquid cooled kit works very well in this tractor and provides you with more HP than before. The Briggs 23hp Vanguard air cooled kit is a good option as well. If you have a 4-Wheel Steer tractor you may have to notch out a small area on the left side mounting bracket for it to clear the gearbox.

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23hp Vanguard OHV V-Twin with kit to fit a Kawasaki fuel injected JD445 tractor, Briggs and Stratton, Briggs & Stratton


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26hp Horizontal Shaft, Water Cooled, ES, Fits John Deere 445 tractors, Fuel Injected Kawasaki Engine, Kawasaki


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