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Item Specifications

Item Specifications

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  • Product Condition: New

Additional Specifications
  • Not compatible with greater than 10% Ethanol fuel

Fits These Models
  • John Deere Walk-behinds: WG32A; WG36A; WG48A; WH36A; WHP36A; WH48A; WHP48A; WH52A; WHP52A; WH61A; WHP61A
  • John Deere QuikTrak Units: 647A; 657A; 667A; 652B; 636M; 648M; 652M; 648R; 652R; 661R
  • John Deere Zero Turns: Z445; Z465; Z645; Z655 and Z665 EZTrak units; Z910A; Z920A; Z920M; Z920R
  • Kawasaki FR541V; FR600V; FR651V; FR691V; FR730V; FS481V; FS541V; FS600V; FS651V; FS691V; FS730V; FX481V; FX541V; FX600V; FX651V; FX691V; FX730V; FX801V; FX921V

Replaces These Items
  • John Deere MIU12470
  • Kawasaki 49040-7008