Briggs Maintenance Kit For Intek™ 15.5 and 17-17.5 Gross HP tractor engines with plastic air cleaning housings. This comprehensive kit includes: 4-cycle 30W oil 18oz (100005), 4-cycle 30W oil 48oz (100028), Fuel stabilizer (5041), Spark plug (499950), Pre-filter (697015), Air filter cartridge (698083) Oil filter (492932S), Fuel filter (394358S), (2) hose clamps (95162S)
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Item Specifications

Item Specifications

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  • Manufacturer Country: India

Notes and Warnings
  • CONTAINS 4-CYCLE 30W OIL 20OZ 100005 + 4-CYCLE 30W OIL 48OZ 100028; FUEL STABILIZER 100002; SPARK PLUG 691043(RC12YC) AIR FILTER 797008; PRE-CLEANER 697015; OIL FILTER 492932S; FUEL FILTER 394358S; (2) HOSE CLAMPS 791850